Counseling Services

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Counseling Services

Walter Camos, MS, LPC
102 Independence Boulevard
Lafayette, Louisiana 70506

Phone: 337.322.3779
Fax: 337.806.9241

Addictive Behaviors
Alcohol Abuse
Anxiety / Panic
Behavior Problems
Bipolar / Mood Fluctuations
Chronic Pain
Coping Skills Building
Couples Therapy
Depression / Lethargy
Divorce Issues
Dual Diagnoses
Emotional Disturbance
Family Therapy
Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual
Gender Identity Issues

General Counseling/Therapy

Counseling / Therapy begins with an intake interview appointment where you will bring in with you a completed client questionnaire for either Adults or Children/Adolescents.  These forms are located on the “Forms” page of this website.  You will also be required to sign a consent form in order to proceed with Counseling / Therapy.  Please feel free to review my “Declaration of Practice,” also located on the “Forms” page which outlines what you would be consenting to.  If you are a parent or guardian responsible for the minor client coming in, you will be required to sign the consent form along with the client.  It generally takes the entire first session to gather information for a better understanding of the problems, the circumstances, and what the intentions/goals might be for successful treatment. 

Counseling / Therapy provides an opportunity for client and therapist to come together and build a trusting relationship where confidence and understanding develops over the course of the sessions.  This can become a fertile ground for setting goals and implementing change but all at the direction of the client.  Adversity can lead to opportunity and change for the better but building rapport to accomplish goals may take time.  Information and ideas will be provided but it will be left up to the client to choose the direction taken. The client, better than anyone else, knows what is best for them.

Anxiety/Panic Counseling

Anxiety Counseling / Therapy; Often times people begin to feel like something is going on inside their body that is beyond their control.  Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Worry, etc., can lead to psychological discomfort; and even to depressed mood due to feeling that it is un-controllable.  For many, the feeling of having a body that does what it seems to want to do and not what you want it to do, can be disheartening.  The unconscious mind and the autonomic nervous system can sometimes work hard to protect the individual from a perceived threat that doesn’t exist; and this is experienced as anxiety / panic.  Counseling / Therapy for anxiety / panic can ease the suffering and bring about feelings of confidence and relief; reducing any associated depressed mood.  If you have been experiencing any form of anxiety within your body and it has affected your daily life in a negative way; then, Counseling / Therapy may benefit you.

Hypnosis for some physical issues
Intrusive Thoughts
Post-Traumatic Stress
Relationship Problems
Sexual Assault
Sleep Problems
Sports Performance Enhancement
Substance Abuse
Suicidal Ideation
Work Performance/Problems

Marriage Counseling

Relationship, Separation, Divorce Counseling / Therapy; Individuals experiencing Strained Relationships, Separation or Divorce often think “where do I go from here?”  It can be a trying time in one’s life when a longtime relationship changes, where the client finds themself trying to figure out what to do next.  In session we talk about how to move forward; what steps to take in order to stop any ongoing arguments or dissention; and things to begin doing in order to either facilitate the transition or re-kindle the relationship.  There are so many reasons for tension between parties in a relationship; and finding the right balance of love, assertiveness, discipline, boundaries, forgiveness, and understanding, can be discussed and tailored to the individual.  Finding your own way depends on the specific situation, circumstances and context of the relationship.  Having an objective professional to bounce thoughts and feeling off can make a huge difference.  Moving forward in an emotionally reactive way can lead to more heart ache and problems, and possibly financial difficulties.  Moving forward in a stable, disciplined, objective, yet loving way, can lead to a strengthened friendship beyond the old relationship.

Mental Health Counseling 

Mental Health Counseling / Therapy; There are many diagnoses within Mental Health Treatment and being able to competently work with these diagnoses can be very helpful to the individual.  If you happen to have a Mental Health Diagnosis, are seeing a physician for medications, and are looking for a Counselor / Therapist to augment treatment in the form of “talk therapy;” then setting up an appointment and coming in may be of benefit to you.  I have worked in mental health for a very long time and spent years with the Department of Health and Hospitals, Department of Mental/Behavioral Health, with the State of Louisiana.  I have worked extensively with Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia, along with the other commonly seen diagnoses.  I would be happy to provide insight and help you to remain compliant with treatment, while also helping you to more consistently enjoy your life.  

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*Please be aware that the services I provide are not meant to replace, substitute for, or altar any medical treatment that you may receive from a physician. You should always consult with your own physician before making any changes in your life.