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I came in with no expectations and after a little talking and some hypnotherapy my game has improved tremendously. Thank you

Mr. E. (Caucasian Male, Age 43)

Sports, Improved Golf Game

I never knew the effect that trauma could have on a person’s life. My young son was with me when I found my mother dead. I knew it affected me but I had no idea the effect that it had on my son. A relatively happy, energetic, and outgoing little boy became withdrawn. This did not last for a short while. It lasted for many years. It was almost like a state of shock. I had taken him to see other mental health specialists, counselors but no one could help. They often prescribed medication that he hated. I felt depressed. After many years of looking for help I found Walter. After a few sessions for my son, and for me, involving talking and hypnotherapy, my son and I are doing much better now. My son and I are happy now. He is talking more now and even dances. Thank you for bringing my son back.

D (African American Female, Age 44)

Shock, Depression, Grief, Trauma

I was irrationally obsessed with my husband and his whereabouts. With hypnotherapy and counseling, I am more confident and am more easily able to calm myself down and rationalize my fears. I would recommend counseling and hypnotherapy for anyone who is looking to grow emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Walter has helped me and my marriage more than I can express.

S (Caucasian Female, Age 31)

Obsessive Compulsive, Anxiety

My migraines have bothered me for many years. So long I can’t remember. Your kindness and patience with me has been really good. The hypnotherapy is a blessing. I haven’t had a migraine in months. I used to have them all the time. I am so grateful

Miss Y. (Afro American Female, Age 61)

Migraines, Depression

After my brother committed suicide I felt very depressed and alone. The thoughts of being around or interacting with others frightened me. I pulled away from my family and friends for years. I would avoid going places because I didn’t want to interact with others. This began to affect my relationships with the people who were the closest to me, my husband and my children. After coming in for therapy with Walter I began to interact with my family and friends again. I became happy again. My husband and children are happier too. Walter’s hypnotherapy sessions brought me back to life. I am so grateful.

Miss A (African American Female, Age 45 )

Depression, Grief, Isolation

I had really bad anxiety when it came to flying. When asked to go places that involved flying I immediately felt supper anxious! When a friend invited me to her wedding overseas I refused to let my anxiety keep me from going. In complete frustration with my flying anxiety I decided to try some therapy to maybe rearrange my thoughts on flying. After a couple sessions I felt a dramatic difference in the way that I felt. I went ahead and flew the long 14 hour flight each way, there and back, with little to no anxiety! I can actually say that I didn’t mind the flight at all.

N (Caucasian Female, Age 34 )

Anxiety, Flying Phobia

I have been struggling with my life for many years and have been living in fear after being raped when I was in high school. I have been to many therapists and couldn’t seem to make any progress. I don’t understand completely why, or how but the techniques that you used with me have worked and helped me through this nightmare. I feel good again and now I am making new relationships with others. I am now in a close, loving relationship with my new boyfriend. I am very thankful and he is thankful too.

K (Asian Female, Age 31 )

Rape, Trauma

I couldn’t seem to stop criticizing my girlfriend. Every time a thought came to my mind I would say it and criticize her. I was constantly checking on her and she was becoming more and more upset with me. Since I have seen you and experienced the therapy that you provide, I am now allowing my girlfriend to be herself. This is amazing. Although at times I have to check myself, things are much better and my relationship is going well. Thank you for helping me to get my thoughts under control.

Mr. B (Caucasian Male, Age 29)

OCD, Depression, Mood Fluctuations

I began taking the ACT in my junior year and I took it throughout my senior year. Instead of my score going up, it kept going down. It seemed as though the test got harder and harder. My mom suspected that I had “Test Anxiety,” and suggested that I should get help. She brought me to see Mr. Walter. After a few sessions of hypnotherapy, the anxiety was gone. My score improved tremendously. Thank you for helping me!

Z (African American Male, Age 18)

Test Anxiety

I came to Walter with an addictive behavior that I felt was ruining my life and making me very unhappy but felt it was almost impossible for me to stop. He not only helped me to overcome (and finally stop) that behavior but he also helped me to navigate some very challenging health issues and a deep depression. After several sessions with Walter, I felt I was given new ways and tools to approach, process and think about myself, life, health, hardships and relationships. Since my time with Walter, I feel I am a happier, lighter and more peaceful person, with more cognitive abilities to handle whatever life throws my way. I feel that I will continue to grow and improve because of the work we did. I also think my friendships and other important relationships in my life are healthier and more nourishing for me because of new perspectives I was able to find during my time with Walter. I’ve never me a counselor who could actually help me but Walter literally changed my life, and in more ways than I could ever put in a short paragraph. He is truly the kindest, most compassionate person I have ever met, utterly non-judgmental, wise, genuinely caring and truly helpful. I have referred several friends to him for help with completely unrelated problems, and he has literally helped every single one of them. Even though I had counselors in the past who weren’t a good fit for me (in fact I never found one that was a good fit until him), I’m so glad I took the chance and came in. I would encourage anyone to have courage and go in for therapy and talk to someone like Walter. Thank you Walter.

A (Caucasian Female, Age 32)

Obsessive Compulsive, Fear, Depression, Addictive Behavior

A few years ago I was assaulted and lost someone close to me to suicide. I began to use all kinds of drugs and began cutting to ease the pain. I was in and out of the hospital countless times. I suffered a gunshot wound. I pushed everyone away. I didn’t think that therapy could help and didn’t think I’d ever have a life again. After many sessions and hypnotherapy with Mr. Walter I am now drug free and on Suboxone maintenance, have stopped cutting, and haven’t been in the hospital in almost a year. I am now getting my life and my family back. I am actually functioning again. Thanks Mr. Walter for helping me.

L (Caucasian Female, Age 38)

Trauma, Sexual Assault, Grief, Depression

When I was young I was at the top of my game. I played basketball very well. People were amazed at how well I understood and played the game. They predicted that I would be successful playing in high school and college Sometimes their expectation were too high. Well, they were right, I played in high school. I was always chosen to start but before my games I became stressed and even had a few panic attacks. My coaches tried to help but they couldn’t. They could not understand why I would move so fast in practice but moved so slowly in games. My mind would also go blank. It was almost like I had never played before. My mom took me to see Mr. Walter. After some sessions to help me with the anxiety, I was able to perform like I did when I was younger. Now I’m getting awards, recognition, and scholarship offers. Thank you for helping me.

D (African American Male, Age 17)

Anxiety, Sports, Basketball

This is to encourage anyone who is even considering coming in for counseling with Walter to do so. I had been in a deep depression for years and not even functioning well with daily living activities. Since then, I have experienced and have continued to experience more joy, more active participation in life again, and have found that there is always hope in every new day. I nearly quit coming to see Walter after our first visit because I was scared but I’m very glad I came back now.

Ms. M (Caucasian Female, Age 59)

Depression, Sexual Trauma

I have struggled with anxiety relative to game performance (Tennis, Cross-fit) and healthy eating (Weight).  Now, after hypnotherapy, I am able to use visualization and positive reinforcement during times of stress.  I no longer have anxiety when going to restaurants or social events.  I can enjoy the time with friends and family in a way that wasn’t possible before.  Thanks again Walter!

Mrs. S (Caucasian-Female-Age 45)

Anxiety, Sports, Weight

My doctor referred me and I was nervous about going in.  He had me scheduled for surgery for a blocked artery and said I needed help with smoking.  I was nervous about my health issues and about stopping smoking.  Walter helped me to be more positive about the health issues, about the surgery that was coming soon, and he helped me to stop smoking in a very short time with hypnotherapy.  It has been nearly two years, my health has improved and I haven’t smoked in all this time. Thank you for helping me.

Mrs. P (Afro American-Female-Age 68)

Smoking, Health Issues

Five years ago my daughter’s father passed away with no warning. I lost the only man I had ever loved and for the past 5 years have struggled with moving on. I have since gotten remarried but had such a hard time allowing myself to really fall in love with my new husband. After spending the past 5 years trying to hide away my pain, and refusing to feel anything at all, I decided to try hypnotherapy. I had wanted to try hypnotherapy for several years but always talked myself out of it for fear of it bringing up all the feelings that I had tried so hard to hide away. Mr. Camos was amazing and I believe has truly changed my life. I left the office feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I’ve finally been able to move past my pain and grief and allow myself to feel all the things I had been missing out on for so many years. The experience was amazing and I would encourage anyone that is thinking about it to give hypnotherapy a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Ms. R (Caucasian-Female-Age 26)

Grief, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Strained Relationship

I went in for smoking because I knew I had to stop and my doctor told me that I really had to.  He referred me to Mr. Camos.  I didn’t want to smoke anymore but had problems trying to quit.  We talked about how smoking came about in my life and how I have been living with it over the years, and then did a hypnotherapy session and I stopped smoking.  It actually worked for me.

Mr. M (Caucasian-Male-Age 46)


I was in an automobile accident and had neck and back injuries.  I had to have surgery and have been living with pain for the last three years.  My doctor prescribed pain medications and it had started to take over my life.  I have since learned through therapy how to use self-hypnosis and meditation to lessen the pain and now I take significantly less medication.  Hypnotherapy with Walter has helped me to get my life more manageable and has improved my mood significantly.

Mr. F (Caucasian-Male-Age 51)

Chronic Pain, Depression

My partner and I had been having difficulties communicating and staying on the same page.  I was depressed.  We both went in to see Mr. Camos and he has helped us to come together and improve our relationship and my mood has become so much lighter.  We are enjoying each other more now.

Ms. J (Caucasian-Female-Age 39)

Strained Relationship, Depression

My wife and I separated and I didn’t know what to do.  I was so upset and feeling like I would never have a life again.  My mood was so down I had trouble getting up in the morning to go to work.  I went in to see Mr. Camos and he has helped me so much to get my thoughts in order and begin to feel more confident about moving forward with my life; and even possibly reconciling with my wife.  The future is looking much better every day.  Thank you for helping me to see things more clearly.

Mr. L (Caucasian-Male-Age 47)

Separation, Depressed Mood

My job was bothering me to no end.  I was ready to quit.  I hated my boss and working for him.  I was becoming more and more depressed and didn’t want to continue working there.  I saw Mr. Camos and he helped me to see that if I were to turn that job into an opportunity for growth, then I could learn from it.  I began to talk things through with Mr. Camos and we would find ways of handling any work situation in a more adaptive way.  I started to learn that my boss didn’t own me and that I had much more say in matters than I thought I did.  I became more assertive, yet calm, and held my positions in communications with my boss, and learned how to make the job work.  I didn’t have to quit when I thought I would have to.  After many months I was offered a significantly better job and was able to utilize what I had learned from my old job in the new position making an even better salary.  I can only say thank you for believing in me and helping me to see that every obstacle is an opportunity for growth.  I have grown and like my new job.

Mr. G (Caucasian-Male-Age 52)

Work Performance, Depression, Anger

I have been living with constant anxiety since I was a young child. It had gotten worse around 2010 in my early twenties and I continued to decline. I had done everything I could think of to try and stop it, but nothing seemed to help. I came across hypnotherapy and thought I would give it a shot. My first session went so well that I haven’t been back since, and we didn’t even use hypnotherapy. I received a wonderful pep talk and sound advice from Walter that was so genuine. He recommended a book called “The Four Agreements”. I read it and it helped me even more. I will be returning to see him to try the hypnotherapy due to mild bouts of anxiety from time to time, although most of it has completely gone. I recommend Walter to anyone struggling with anything, no matter what it is. He is just a great person to talk to in general.

Mr. M (Caucasian Male, Age 33)


I have been going to see Walter off and on for several years. Each time something has come up, I return gratefully because I know he will help me. The first time I went to see him, I left early, fully intending never to return. Happily I did return. And over the years he has helped me time and time again to deal with the traumas of my past. Not only has he helped me deal with the painful things of my life, throughWalter, I have come to know myself better. And finally found the loving God I had searched for, and felt so unworthy of, for such a long time. Returning to my faith has meant so very much to me. My relationships with my family members and friends have greatly improved, and I have hope and look forward to the future to see how my life will unfold. I hope that others will benefit from my testimony. There is so much beauty and joy to life. If you are in pain and suffering, please do not stay stuck. Come to see Walter. He will help you.

Ms. M (Caucasian Female, Age 63)

Depression, PTSD, Faith