Afterhours sessions can be scheduled under special circumstances:

  • For professionals, looking for something more private, where your presence while participating in therapy can be less in public view. You too deserve to receive help/treatment without worrying about your professional status. Many doctors, attorneys, politicians, educators, and business people come in and get the help that they need to carry on with their demanding lives. And, many professionals come in regularly just to decompress and to do a little hypnotherapy for stress reduction and to find balance.
  • For those who work during normal business hours and cannot take off before 5:00 p.m., due to job requirements. Special cases shall be considered.
  • For those families who have children in school who cannot miss class. Special cases shall be considered.
  • For court cases where all members of a family are only available to come together after 5:00 p.m. Special cases shall be considered.

Afterhours sessions are more private, although there is a possibility that others may still be in our office, the probability that you might see someone else while you are coming in for yourself, is minimized. After 5:00 p.m. the amount of traffic in the office is significantly reduced. After hours you may come right into the waiting area and simply enjoy the comfort of reading a magazine till your appointment time. The parking areas have lights for after dark safety when leaving the building. Park towards the rear of the building if you like, where the lights are more helpful, and there is less activity; or park at the front of the building, if you feel more comfortable in a more active area closer to the street. We are happy to provide this afterhours service to you for your convenience.