Walter CamosIn the past, just mentioning the words “Counseling” or “Therapy” for many has brought about uneasy feelings. This is now becoming old news.

Today, with all of the cutting edge therapy options; going to counseling or therapy can be very fruitful, short term and most of all, rewarding.

Counseling and therapy can change a person’s life forever.  We all have fluctuating moods, skeletons in the closet, problems with relatives, things that bother us, and behaviors that seem to never end, although we despise them.

The holidays, for so many, have historically been a cue for problems and mood fluctuations.  If something is going on in your life that is limiting personal growth or well-being; then consider calling and talking to a professional today.

Counseling / Therapy is non-invasive, involves no medications, and can be the best thing you ever do for yourself or your loved one.

Hope you have a happy Holiday Season.

Walter Camos, MS, LPC, NBCCH