Is Counseling the right choice for you?Often, as our lives unfold, things happen, relationships change, problems pop up, obstacles seem to prevent forward movement, emotions arise and lead to unexpected reactions, stress becomes overwhelming, and all sorts of other things seem to push us into a place that is no longer comfortable.  Often times we think, is it me? Is it the situation? Is it them? and what do I do about where I am right now?  Counseling or Therapy is something to consider if any of the aforementioned circumstances arise while you are trying your best to have a happy life.

 In order to find out if Counseling / Therapy is right for you, one suggestion would be to give a professional a try.  Do a little research, check with friends, find out who has helped others in the past and locate a professional.  This is the primary way to find out if Counseling / Therapy is a good fit for you.  And, it may take trying different professionals till you find the right one that you feel comfortable with.

 A Counselor, Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Minister, Social Worker, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or other professional, may be able to help you through something that you might otherwise be stuck with for a while.  Why avoid the problem and allow it to linger longer than necessary.  Finding help and moving forward can potentially help to reduce, minimize and even stop the discomfort.

Counseling / Therapy can help, and can be right for anyone in need if they will only try.  One thing for certain, seeking help from a professional will certainly increase the probability that you will find the right path for you that leads out of the stuckness that you may be experiencing.  Sometimes a new perspective, reframing an old situation, viewing things through a new set of glasses, objectively, with patience, caring, and understanding, can make all the difference in the world for whatever is going on in your life right now.  

The stigma associated with Counseling / Therapy has diminished over the years and now people readily seek out help when needed. Recent studies have demonstrated acceptance by the general public of Counseling and Therapy as a useful and beneficial means of better mental health.  Fifty percent of families surveyed said that at least one person in the household had received Counseling / Therapy in the last year. In another survey, ninety percent said that they would consult or recommend a Counselor or Therapists if needed. About sixty million people in the U.S. received Counseling / Therapy in the last two years. Of those surveyed that did receive Counseling / Therapy, eighty percent found it to be effective.

 It could be effective for you but only if you give it a shot.   Still Trying to decide if counseling is the right choice for you? Give the audio below a listen.

Walter Camos, MS, LPC, NBCCH